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Welcome to Peace Corps Paraguay!

Paraguay …the heart of South America, both in geographic location and the spirit of the people.  It is a bilingual country with a fascinating history, strong cultural traditions, beautiful landscapes and native crafts.  But of all the wonderful things Paraguay has to offer, the best part is the incredibly friendly and welcoming people. 

Peace Corps Paraguay is a highly respected program due to the creativity and initiative of our Volunteers, our very knowledgeable and dedicated staff and our strong collaboration with a wide range of partner agencies and host communities.

Continuously operating since 1967, Peace Corps Paraguay also is one of the largest programs worldwide, equating to one of the strongest Returned Peace Corps Volunteer network throughout the world.

Paraguay is a country that few people know about, which makes the discovery all the more special!  As the Paraguayan government’s tourism agency proclaims: 

Paraguay, tenés que sentirlo!



    • CAPITAL CITY – Asunción
    • LARGEST CITY – Asunción
    • OFFICIAL LANGUAGE(S) – Spanish, Guaraní
    • AREA – 406,752 sq km
    • POPULATION – 6,703,860
    • GDP – $30.56 billion
    • CURRENCY – Guaraní (PYG)